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A Luxurious Escape on the Beach

Boutique Hotel Matlai comprises of two villas, Asili House and Villa Kidosho. Immerse yourself in the ultimate coastal retreat, where every moment is infused with tranquility and natural beauty.

Both villas are situated directly on the beach, surrounded by lush blooming and fragrant vegetation. Asili House features natural African and Swahili elements in its design, while Villa Kidosho is designed in an Oriental style. As a result, the villas blend the typical African and Arabic influences that have shaped the character of Zanzibar.

Hotel Matlai is personally managed by owners, Inge Becker-Boost and her son Tim Hennig. Tim Hennig is a certified hotel expert and has a university degree in tourism and event management. The other members of our team are chosen and trained carefully not only for professional competence but also in accordance with our team philosophy.

Perfect to relax after an intense Serengeti safari with the Siringit Collection.

Asili House

Asili House is a large villa directly on the beach and features natural African and Swahili elements in its design. In Swahili Asili means „nature, origin", and that's what the architecture of the house characterises.

Asili House has four ensuite rooms. Book either a single room or the entire house. Asili House is ideal for small groups or families to relax in a tropical paradise and be pampered by an attentive staff.


Villa Kidosho

Villa Kidosho is a low-rise house directly on the beach. In Swahili Kidosho means „beauty“, the villa reflects the timeless beauty of the former sultan palaces.

Villa Kidosho has two ensuite rooms​. Book either a single suite or the entire villa. The high level of privacy makes Villa Kidosho perfect for honeymooners, families or friends.

Zatiny Beach Bar & Restaurant


Zatiny by Matlai Bar & Restaurant is located directly on one of the nicest beaches of Zanzibar. Close your eyes for one moment and find yourself moved to a magical place where time stands still. 
You will be served an excellent cuisine of national and international dishes, variety of wines, ice cold beers, exotic tropical cocktails and much more.

... and more!

The beach is very quiet and the sea shimmers in the most amazing colours you have ever seen. At low tide a powdered sugar white sand bank appears in front of the hotel, a fascinating place.

The Garden is huge and a feast for all the senses with plenty of palm trees, fruit trees, tropical flowers, butterflies, birds and ...

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